Movies Wanted


Making your movie
A movie should be about 20 min. long and consist of only 1 scene. A scene means using the same location and actors.
In general a movie should have approx. 80% action and 20% foreplay, which means that the first and last 2 min. may be used to foreplay, the rest should be action. Actions means sexual intercourse between the animal and the girl/man, not just homely caring.
The number of actors or animals in the movie is up to you, we have no preferences. In general we prefer movies of females with horses and dogs, but might buy a male movie also. When making the movie, be sure to have a steady camera and good angles. Close-ups is a good angle and especially when performing penetrations. Steady camera movement includes the zoom functionality of your camera and should be used with great caution. When shifting angle, just stop the camera and continue the recording when you have put it in the new position.
It is very important to get the animal to perform, so the actors is not just using the animal as a dildo. For a good example of a amateur/homemade movie, take a look at the hector movie.

You are not required to edit the movie, infact we prefer to get the unedited tape.

Be sure to have appropriate lightning when recording so the colors will be clear.

We prefer a high-quality format like DV or mini-DV, but we might buy a VHS or alt. format if the quality is good enough.

Selling your movie
When you want to sell a movies to us you first write us an email and we will contact you regarding how to continue. Please read the entire page before writing us.
After agreeing upon initial terms you ship the tape to us and we will settle on the final price. We will not be able to make a fair price on the tape unless we have seen it.
The payment will be sent to you by wiretransfer and within a few weeks your movie will be featured on Dataworld BV's websites.

Writing us
When you write us about selling a movie there is a few requirements for you to meet in order for us to process your request as fast as possible.
Please include:

  • The length of the movie.
  • Describe the action on the tape in terms of what things the females, male and animals does. This should be done very detailed and in no less than 100 words. Remember that we have to make an initial assesment of your tape based on your description.
  • Has it been sold before?
  • What media is the tape on? - DV, MiniDV, VHS etc.
  • Asking price.
  • Your postal address.
  • Bank account details on the account to tranfer the money to.
Remember to be honest - we will look through the movie before making any payments.
Send the email to

Price and Payment
The price that we pay for each movie depends on what type of action there is, what kind of media it is on, quality of the filming, what participants are in it etc. As a rule of thumb we pay aprox. $500-$1000 per 30 minutes, the price is lower for male beastiality though. We are open to negotionations and are also interested in buying multiple movies from the same producer.
We will pay more for movies with professional lighting, young good looking girls and well endowed animals.
Payments will be made through wiretransfers only.

Multiple Movies
It is important that content and action on each movie is varied, if you are to sell more than one movie to us. This means changing location, plot, animal and actors.

When shipping to us it is important that you choose a good courier like UPS or FEDEX instead of ordinary mail. This guarantees proper delivery times and also that the movie does not get lost.

Whenever we buy movies, it is crucial that we get the copyright license for it. So when we return to you there will be a copyright agreement for you to sign and send along with the tape. This also means that we take over all copyright of the tape and you are not allowed to distribute it in any way unless you have our consent.

Featured on?
You movie will be shown and distributed and Dataworld BV's websites. These include mainly:, and