Beach Babe - 35 minutes

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This video is considered a "classic" for a reason. Itís one of the most action-packed and REAL videos youíll ever have the pleasure of viewing. This babe and her german shepherd play, tease and fuck like thereís no tomorrow. He takes charge often, letting her know whoís really the boss. He fucks her over and over and over again, and prefers to take her missionary style, and does so many times over.

As she talks and cajoles him throughout the video, she finds herself with a mouthful of dogcock towards the end, almost choking on his seemingly endless supply of cum. If you havenít seen this one yet, itís one you donít want to miss!!

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Movie Reviews

 Beach Babe - The "Buffy" movie
This is the old "Buffy" movie in super quality! It's really nice to see this old classic in a new and improved quality - it's defenitly worth a download! Wow! This girl LOVES to get fucked by her dog!
 Beach Babe (Buffy)
As a woman with a Shepherd too, I loved their practised communication with him !!! This video was not just another trained dog and girl short of money...they have obviously spent a lot of quality time together. In short, this is an authetic portrait of woman/dog sex.
This movie has far been over looked in my opinion. Mainly because when folks are looking to find something high-quality, they always say, "Naw I"ve got that one," when I offer this.

Seriously, is that all you can say about a lady who takes a pup as big as a Shepherd as repeatedly as she does?

Granted, smoking during sex isn't the biggest turnon. *Laughs a tad* But the want and lust in this video is well placed, and not abused. The dog "IS" interested, and I think it's one of the more stellar movies out there instead of the dog videos where you never see the dog's head or chest, *Because some man is holding the poor beast still* And the woman only uses the dog's jerked off dick as a dildo.

In comparison, seeing this very healthy K9 pounding the hliving hell outta this lady, on his own warrant and under her want. Is very amazing. I wonder why no one has said this before.

Xavier The Lion
 long time lover
I have watched this movie for years and it is still a favorate of mine! I love to watch ladys accept pet lovers in the missionary position (helps me put myself into the fantasy) and this is good. There is certainly a lot of honest love between the lady and the dog - more than in lots of marrages. This is a classic "professional" grade ametur movie and well worth the time and cost to download.

 true dog love
The first time the dog mounted the woman, her pleasure was evident for all to see. If this was acting, she deserves an Oscar. The way her legs pulled up as the dogs cock slipped into her would be very hard to fake, she was loving it!! If there are any more of this lady around, I would love to see them
 Good one
I have this one, and I have to say it's one of the best I've seen. Great missionary footage and she knows what sounds to make.
 Beach Babe
After watching this I wondered where I could find such a dog...
It made me wet to watch and before i knew it I was staring and touching myself.

 Beach Babe
Yeah, I'm a guy and I couldn't believe what I was seeing at first, then I couldn't see it enough. I'm a voyeur who loves to get off watching, but watching this sex was the most exciting ever! I came and came again. This dog is almost human the way he knows what to do, yet superhuman in his ability to mount her constantly. No wonder she loves her dog so much. He gives her unending sex and as much as she wants. I loved that last shot when she was giving him oral, like he had nothing left, then exploded in her face. But my favorite shot is when she arches her back on the bed to make it better for him - and I don't suppose she doesn't love it as much. What lovers - both of them a perfect match. If I had a babe like her, I'd let him do her as often as she wanted.
 yes butt...
Yes I loved it, but I wanted her to be more involved rather than just lying there taking it like a good little girl. I wanted to see her with her legs wrapped around the dog and pumping as much as he was every time he entered her and pounded her. She was almost too passive, so loving and accepting, but doing it all for the dog and not as much for herself, whether letting him fuck her to death or sucking him off for that "good to the last drop" of cum. It was always for the dog. I wanted her to jump on top of him and ride his cock, do a 69, let him lick her pussy till she screamed, stuff his tongue into her hole, do some anal, be a little more inventive and creative rather than just letting the dog do everything, which I admit was pretty amazing for a dog. Or was it a well-costumed guy? I much prefer seeing a big dog solidly stuffed between a woman's wrapped legs humping and pumping rather than to be so detached and her only enjoying his cock, not the whole body. Come on girls, make a movie where you are missionary style more, where you take the dog's tongue into your mouth while he's screwing your cunt to the max! But I did love seeing her lift her pelvis up on the bed so he had better entry. I wish more women were that accomodating to their men. But if I were the dog, I'd want to do more to her rather than just shoot my wad 10 times in a row. Of course, I'm not a dog so I don't know what they're thinking. But I'm thinking about training some and renting them out. Maybe I'll need some willing trainees to help the dogs learn their stuff, hmmm?
 Get it on Buffy
Buffy was so good to her dog, but where was her orgasm, her moaning and groaning, yes a little noise from being pounded, but if he was in her that much everytime she turned around, why no sounds of her being turned on? She was so accomodating to her pooch and not to her own pussy, telling him he could have her whenever he wanted her, but how about her? I want to see the woman not just enjoy the totally carnal experience of being invaded by a canine cock, (and I'd like to have seen the dog's pole actually going inside her) but see her come and truly orgaz as much as he is. Buffy just laid there with her arms down like a slave to her dog until she later made him the slave to her mouth - let's see more girl cum along with dog cum, more masturbation maybe while the dog licks her dry. I love doggie 69 - I just envy the dog, and wish a girl wanted my cock like she wants a dog. But I'm fine with watching her get her canine cream however she wants it. I can cream too - and maybe I should find a little bitch to stick my cock into. Two can play this game but I don't think girl dogs have a clit. No fair.
 Best On The LIST
This girl has a fine body and as much energy as the dog. she never stops! good lighting and sound. This is the best I've seen on the current list of dog films. . she can move into any position to let him stick it in her pussy and she lets him shoot as many times as he mounts her, and she is vocal about how good it feels. overall a five star!
 best training film
It was this film that brought my girl friend to dogs....thank you Buffy!!
 so hot
love this movie, that is one horny dog... and it made me so wet to see him cum in her face at the end.
 Me too
As a girl, I am sold on doggie love. This movie gave me the idea first and ever since I have been fucked by the biggest dogs I can find. I can't get enough of them and try to have several do me one after the other. I wish Buffy had had more than just one, although he was a big wonderful lover. I love to suck one and get fucked by the other, always two if I can. Sex with big dogs is the greatest sex, especially when I can watch my boyfriend masturbate while I'm cumming with my Shepherd. I even give him a little pussy at times. But he loves to watch. There's no end to the fun. Thanks Buffy for opening my eyes and my cunt to dogs. So what was his name anyway? Does he have a brother?
 she loves her dog
enjoyable film...she lovers her dog and he loves her back in his special doggy way
 Greatest Ever
This clearly ranks up there with Atlanta Dog Show as the greatest of all time. Sure, the color is off, the camera movement can be annoying, but we're not watching it to see Hamlet. It's a huge turnon to watch not only because it's real, but because Buffy is an incredibly attractive woman.

In the era of drugged out Brazilian women looking for easy cash performing terrible quality zoo films, this oldie ranks as one of the best. It is rare to see the entire animal and female in the frame rather than a stressed out dog being used as an almost inanimate object.
 Amazing Its SuperDog
Ive never witnessed such an amzing pooch to do it missionary style is pretty un heard of with dogs i give this movie 2 thumbs way up!! and would add this to the hall of fame best dog movies ever...

Montreal, 18 and loving it
what a wonderful way to give an older man a hart atack love this movie
 beach babe does it for me
I've seen this movie a dozen times...always gets me hot...she is a doll...and knows how to please her dog...and he knows how to please her....she is so passionate..MMM where has this fine lady gone to??? I would love to see more... this is one of my favs of all time.. ty buffy...wherever you may be. great film....worth a d/l

Luckydawg .. ( not as lucky as her gs)
very very good i never seen like this one i realy like it
 Da Wolf Reviews
I had only seen snippets of this movies as in 10 secon teasers.

It took me a while to track it down but the wait was well worth it.

So often I have seen zoo movies where the dog is used as an animated dildo where he stands knotted and trapped.

Knowing dogs and wolves as I do I know that at that point all they really want to do is rest and knot-down.

What I enjoyed most about this movie is that the shep is free to do what he wants and is not forced in anyway. The lass certainly loved him (and what he can do) and over a time have generated a level of trust and caring between them.

Something that you don't see to much of nowadays when porn star A meets Dog B for 30 min's and then its over.

Plus also - its missionary too.. And its always been one of my furry dreams to be loving a woman as a big wolf.. This one brought the dream a little closer!!
 the best
this is the mother of all dog sex movies and should be THE traning movie for all newcomers
 The Best
This is what a dog lover movie should
look like. this the best i've seen
I wonder do she have any more?
she's great and so is her lover.
 No equal, so far...
Amazing dog!! Several times in this flick he waits until she turns over on her back so he can do her missionary. As far as her not being active enough, she doesn't NEED to be. This dog knows what he wants and he gets it. It's awesome seeing this bigger dog overpower her. Also, he fucks her so hard that when he fucks her his feet actually come of the ground. Simply put--if you get only one flick from here, get this one.
my pussy was drenched, i couldn't help bt watch this movie over and over, my dream and soon to be reality is to be fucked missionary by a big dick dog. men wish they could fuck like this, made me lose my mind!!!
I can't believe over all the 1000's of movies and images I have seen that I never ran across this one till now.

Yes.. the camera work may leave a little to be desired and such.. but this is an AMAZING video. Definatly in the cream of the crop of one's that I have ever seen.

Some may argue that she's not "vocal" enough or whatever. But there is always going to be a 1000's things that could be done to make a particular movie "better". They say a typical full day of shooting a hollywood movie (16+ hours) only results in abuot 70 seconds of footage that makes it into the final cut. I would bet that if the dog could somehow TELL her to be more vocal or if she felt that being more vocal would turn her dog on even more.. then I am willing to bet that she would! She would probably be screaming till she was horce!!!

But that's all beside the point.. what makes this video so fucking hot is the relationship and lust between her and her "master"! This woman doesn't just love this dog.. she's 100% a K9 SLAVE!! This dog certainly has taken this girl as his bitch. I am only speculating, but it looks like she is in her very early 20's maybe late teens.. but has probably been taken as this dog's bitch years ago.

He takes her so naturally.. and the way she lifts her hips off the bed to "present" herself for him!!! HOT!! I am guessing that this is probably a VERY regular occurance with this girl. This dog probably takes her whenever he wishes and she is a slave to him. This same senerio probably happens several times a week and we are extremely lucky to have a peek into it.

I see that this video was made quite a while ago.. I can't help but wonder where this women is now.. I can only imagine how many times this dog has taken her before this was filmed and then since during the last 13 or so years!

Yes.. she may not be as "visibly" passionate as some may wish.. but if you want to see a woman who is a submissive K9 sex slave to her dog.. this video is for you!!

All I can say is that this is one LUCKY dog!!!

What I wouldn't pay to see another video of her... with her bound while her dog takes her!!!! >:)
 My first....
This was the movie that turn me into dog sex, was my boy friend that show it to me and i got hooked! i try it with a frind's pet in the missionary and was a thrilling multiple orgasm never experimented. Since then i have my own dogs, three living in the small farm and fucking me almost daily. good training is essential to prevent alfa dogs to be agressive. When with my period i take extra caution to prevent fights between them....but the outcome is to say the least great!!!!
The best oldie around..tho misses some closeups..but all in all a fantastic Doggie work xD
I got soooo wet when I first watched it and I want to try it out for a long time now
what does dog cum taste like??
 one of my first and favorites
it probably comes down to this and strayx's the record for my fave doggie videos of all time; shes just so into it and cute

also i love this video because i actually know exactly where it was filmed, because ive been there myself; it takes place in a hotel in puerto vallarta, mexico
 Diamond hard
this flick made me so horny my cock was diamond hard I probably had the hardest erection on the planet
just hearing about how much you girls enyoj dog cock and them cuming I feel totally expendable and wish I was a girl
 i've got it
i've got it but every time i watch it, it still really turns me on. in mt opinion it is absolutely one of the best examples of a girl who truely loves her mate,dog,. and that is the best part.
 Beach Babe
Yeah she maybe hot,but if there was a better camera-man,you'd see more,ie,there are no decent close-ups of cummin or knotting!!!
 beach bitch
i love this movie! for years ive been able to find only 10 to 20 snippets of it and have finally found the whole thing. this girl fucks her dog till he cant fuck anymore. she tells you how good it feels to have his dog cock in her cunt. she loves it and i love watching it.
 Beach Babe Buffy
This is a really nice amateur piece, which loses nothing for being a decade old.

Buffy's missionary shots are great, and her friendly comments to the dog really add a lot for me.

I even liked the smoking during sex - after the dog and girl had obviously been at it for a while.

Heartily recommend it!
everything you want! it is an excellent movie. The only down side is having to write this review.
 lady pleaser
A very good movie, it shows lots of love between the two. She gets as good as she receives.
 Loved watching her take her dogs cock
I enjoyed watching her take her dogs cock in her pussy however if one of you readers has a dog with a large cock and would like to have him fuck a females wet pussy contact me
 The Beach Girl Is A Hottie
Not to bad of a movie,its ametuer at its best,takes abit to get started.The girl in this film (a little bit of alright ;). )alot of missionary,but not many close ups.You can tell this girls loves this dog to bits,ends not quite good,it is definately worth the download,if u like amatuer,the dog has a fun time,no dogdildoing,just stright forward
What a great dogbitch she is, i love these kind of women who really enjoys making love with a dog. And she loves fucking with a dog. I liked the part on the bed when the dog was banging her cunt missionary style. You could she on her face that she was in heaven. Love to see more of her. You could definately the they made love often because they are well trained lovers. This how love making with a dog should be, natural and pure. I hope now that more women come out for their desires. She is really worn out by a beast and she enjoys it. My compliments for this dogwhore.
 The ONLY one
This movie has almost everything I want to see in such a presentation. I hate to waste my money on such faked action as is normally presented in movies of this nature. For the several years that I have watched both snippets and full length versions of "BuffY" I have felt that I was getting my money's worth.

Frankly, I totally dislike the movies which are either dildo or blowjob action with maybe 2% real(?) sex. Why can't there be more of the "Buffy" quality movies?

Not Happy With Fakes.
 Brings back memories
This is an old film that addicted me, the girl seems so keen to be fucked that i'd say she prefered dogs to men full stop.
Its a little tame by todays standards as there is a distinct lack of close ups, especially in the first part of the movie. However I have to give it 8.5 out of 10 as it is a fairly rounded movie.
 what a girl !
Being a female myself I can truly say that this movie is a turn on. It was the first movie of dog/girl sex I ever saw. The guy I was living with showed it to me about 6 years ago. I have watched it over and over and it is the reason I was lured into trying it with a dog. I know why the girl loves having sex with her dog so much. It is so awesome!! I have sex with mine 3-4 times a week and wish the my dog could do me as often as her dog dose her. Maybe someday I will get up enough nerve to make a video of my dog doing me too.
 Nice MOVIE but why no knotting
It would have been nice to see her tie a few time lots of humping but no knotting. Also watch the time meter on the film and there is a lot of repeating in the fucking
 k9 cock pleasure
you guys have the best footage i've seen yet! d you have a yahoo group??
 good but!!!!
both the wife and i loved the fucking, they were great togather, but we would have loved to see the connection between the penis and pussy, a tie, the pussy opening as the knot slips out with a slurp and gushing cum, and the pussy closing as the cum dribble out. Without a view like this...well.
Yeah she maybe hot,but if there was a better camera-man,you'd see more,ie,there are no decent close-ups of cummin or knotting!!!
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