Shawn Loves The Knot - 43 minutes

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Shawn gives viewers their money's worth, and then some. She does absolutely everything with her dogs Scooby and Chance. They give her a wet licking, and she gives them head to keep them hard. While she's blowing one or getting a facial, the other mounts for a tie from behind- sometimes in the wrong hole!

The pinnacle of the movie is when both dogs tie with her simultaneously, producing a priceless image of a knotted double penetration. The dogs pull out shortly after, but leave you with a unique view of their mess. Shawn finishes it off with a doggy cum cocktail tapped straight from her ravaged pussy.

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Movie Reviews

 maximus loves it
starting off the video was a good scene with her black lab going to the yellow dog and several scenes with the smaller dog... all in all one of the best videos ive ever seen... keep up the great work shawn... kudos to you too pat for your camera work
 Great Movie
One of the better animal movies that I have seen. Keep posting movies like this please.
 Shawn loves the knot
This girl loves her dog sex. This is the first time I have ever seen double penetration with dogs and with the knots. All I can say it is a super movie.
 shawn really loves the knots
wish i could give higher than a '5' rating. by far, the best dog sex i've seen. and the commentary is good, too.
keep up the good work.
 Shawn's Enjoyment
The fact that Shawn really likes what she is doing (or being done!) makes this movies extra special. One of the best movies that I have seen. You will not be disappointed.
 STOP HERE !!!!!!!!!

 Everything I wanted
Shawn does everything with her dogs!!! If you have money to spend, use it here. My fav part is when she sucks off a dog, and another mounts her from behind. Then she gets her husband to doggy-dildo the second animal into her pussy. It's double pen. It's super hot when they pull out. The doggy cum all over her stretched pussy and ass lips.
 So yummy
I LOVED this movie, one of the best I've seen on here so far. The way she just out and out LOVES what she's doing. Damn! So Hot! And the added chit chat between her and the camera man was so friggin' hot. I had to watch it 3X seperatly cause I couldn't hold off getting my pussy off watching it. Mmmmmmmm, make more please, and love the dirty talk to your camera man and the dogs....Very hot! 2 Thumbs up!
 Simply The Best
This is probably one of the best beast movies that you will find anywhere on the net. Shawn Truly Does Love The Knot. The dogs are very well trained. It's like they've done this hundreds of times before. Very well done!!!!
 I luv it.
I bought several tapes and DVD of beast movies before but never seen like it. You can see complete knot and they were tied together for mins. Great movie.
 not sure...
read the reviews and heard of cum drinking but...this chick REALLY squirts the dog cum out her snizz into a glass and then drinks, no, savors it as she swallows...I don't think a porn has EVER made me flinch but this one did...great shots and definitely worth the $$$ but I still don't think I believe what I just saw...but either way I gotta give it a 5 cuz' there is shit in this one you likely won't see anywhere else.
 Fuck that! (oh, sorry) 20 fucking big fat ones honey!) Wow!
I mean you two.,, I came upon Shawnsfarm by accident, looking for something else and Shawn immediately caught my eye. That animal attraction has never been that intense from a photo? I've been looking at her stuff now for over 5 hours and just read the "about Shawn" to find out she's married to the camera man for 17 years and then she told the story of Pat bringin the neighbors dog home. lol. Lucky dog! I started laugh and cry. You have what so many of us want and look for all your lives. Pat's ovious love for his mate is evedent in ever word he speaks. Thank you for sharing personal thing with us.

I'm complete, I met an honest to goodness 'dream girl' and the lucky man who found her. I feel loss and elation after reading that part. Loss that she is not mine and elation for being lucky enough to meet you.I really though they were just myths, fairy ttails.


Good for you two and God bless! You know how blessed you two are? What are the odds this happening. I've been searching for a girl like you my entire life. If you need a light or camer man, I'll drop what ever i'm doing immediately and be there..

Not too many really primals in this worlld any more or they are taken or hiding. I've looked hard! Nice to meet you. Both of you.
 Great movie
This movie really got my wife going. She has been K-9 active for 6 months now but has never taken on the dog as she did watching this movie. She wants to be just like Shawn. Thank you baby, we love you
 SHAWN loves the knott
I say that shawn is the emperess of beastiality. I have never seen a dvd this good. the dialoug between her & pat just makes the movie fantastic.I have one suggestion i would like to see shawn fuck in the missionary position.& i wopuld like to if it is possible meet her in person.
 shawn likes the knot
hasent shawn got a pretty cunt. or as nobody noticed.
 adoring fans
well i havent watched it yet but in know its gonna be spectacular like all the other films that shawn has made so bravo for another winner shawnny and thank you for sharing your love for your dogs with us.your fan popo
This is the first time I have ever seen a woman get knotted in her ass and do a double dog penetration. It was so frickin hot. I hope double dog penetration starts to become more common in all the beast movies and websites.
 double doggy!
This girl is well up for it, at one point she has two dogs on the go at once.
You will not be disappointed.
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